How to freeze blueberries or any other fruit

Its blueberry season here in Oregon. So far this week me and my cupcake have gone picking 3 days and I have about 12lbs of blueberries plus some blackberries and strawberries. You can use this freezing method for ANYTHING you … Continue reading

Deep Dish Spinach Corn Quiche

My Mr Tasteful loves quiches. It hit me I haven’t made a quiche in awhile, why not? I think I though eggs cost to much. Then I took a moment and realized I was WRONG!!! Granted eggs, milk and cheese … Continue reading

Easy No-Boil Skinny Chicken Parmesan “Dutch Oven” Casserole

It’s a mouth full of a tiltle, but that’s because there is so much going on that you must know!! I’ve been making my version of “skinny” chicken parmesan for awhile. Basically it’s a skillet seared chicken with no breading … Continue reading

Cheddar Drop Biscuits

Are you intimidated about making biscutes? I am! I’ve tried a few times but I’m still looking for that right recipe. Drop biscuits are in my opinion full proof and anyone can do it. Have you ever had Red Lobster … Continue reading

Soft Chewy Homemade Flour Tortillas using Organic Vegetable Shortening

  There’s nothing like homemade tortillas. They are actually really easy! After you make your own you won’t want to buy them again…or you will but debate “should I make my own or just buy pre-made”? There are times where … Continue reading

The incredible egg, feed a family cheap. Fluffy Scrambled Eggs!

Okay so I just finished posting how haven’t been cooking much and decided me and my cupcake needed to eat. My little cupcake has not been eating much, I think it’s because it’s so hot and with no AC no … Continue reading