Strawberry Yogurt Sorbet



It’s that time of year, strawberries are being enjoyed here in the Great Northwest.

My little cupcake loves strawberries!! I was so happy once the U-Pick farms opened up. It’s much less expensive to go to a farm and pick your own fruit & vegetables. We picked about 5lbs and spent a $1.10lb. Not only is it enjoyable time spent outdoors with my little cupcake but she gets to eat as many strawberries as she wants, it’s a great way to get a free breakfast 😉

The first day we probably ate 2lbs of strawberries along with plain organic yogurt sweetened with honey lol

The second day I decided to make a gluten free strawberry & lavender pie to share with my mama bear & “Audrey Hepburn”.


By the third day I came down with a cold! So to save me the effort of slicing up strawberries I decided to make a Strawberry Yogurt Sorbet.

It’s very simple!! Years ago I made a pineapple sorbet with vodka and really enjoyed the technique I saw from watching Sandra Lee Semi-Homeade epi. So I decided to use that as inspiration for this sorbet.

1 Cup Organic Plain Whole Yogurt
2lbs Fresh Strawberries (frozen would be fine too)
4 TBSP of Honey (less or more depending on how sweet you want it)

Clean & core strawberries. Add strawberries, yogurt & honey to food processor and blend until smooth.
Place mixture into a shallow dish, such as a glass casserole dish or plastic container. Place in freezer and every 2-3 hours scrap with fork. Depending on how cold your freezer gets you may want to check after 1 hour. My freezer is very slow and took me 8 hours to get to a frozen texture. I started at 11am and was able to eat by 7:30pm.














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