What has New Mom been up to? 

Hi All!  I’m so appreciative of the kind comments I have been receiving on my food posts specifically my whole roasted chicken. https://newmomstartingfromscratch.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/roasted-chicken/ I took a break from creating and posting recipes as it is very time consuming and I do … Continue reading

Review: J’s Fish and Chips, Lincoln City Oregon. Worth the drive.

My Mr.Tasteful and I have been looking for a restaurant at the coast that has delicious food. There are a few on the coast, however nothing that has gotten us excited enough to get in the car and make the … Continue reading

Safeway “just for u” works for me!

I really enjoy Safeway! I think they have great deals and to find those deals I use their smartphone app where they allow you to add the “just for u” deals to your club card. This gives great coupons that you cant find in the stores. Like today, I bought their delicious French Bread (hot & fresh everyday at 4pm) which is $1.99 a loaf, however “just for u” coupon was for $.99 a loaf! Not only is that a great deal I also always go to them for their hot dog or hamburger buns which also were on the “just for u” coupon for $.99 a pack. My last must go to for the Safeway brand is their Chips! I like many brands, however I really enjoy the salty and crunchy texture of their chips, plus I’m always getting great “just for u” deals for $1.33 a bag. My last favorite item is the Safeway brand Paper Towels. These are great! They are thick and they always have “just for u” coupons that range from $8.99 to $9.99 for a double roll 12 pack.


The baking journey begins

I have always been afraid to bake. I admit I am not one to follow recipes, I like to create and invent a recipe. Therefore knowing that baking requires accuracy (I am so not an accurate person) I always shied away from baking. Plus I like immediate result’s, patience is not a skill I have developed.

However being a new mom has required me to be a more patient person. Of course isn’t being patient a good quality for anyone to have? As I look back on my life I have lacked patience very much! I was always in a hurry to get to the next step. Even my fourth grade teacher told my mom, “she is always in a hurry to grow up”. Yep, that is me! Now I am all “grown up” and wish I was young again LOL So I guess I owe it to myself and everyone around me to be more patient. With this new found awareness of my lack of patience I decided to apply this to baking. Yes, yes my mind is wired to think how a moral quality applies to baking/cooking.

So my journey of baking begins because of the desire to have more patience.