Flower Girl Gift, Pink and Gold Weddings, Something Blue Wedding, Little Girl Rings, Toddler Jewelry, Cinderella Party Favors Blue and Gold

I know I know I have so neglected you all! I’ve been super busy the past several months with creating designs for My Cupcake Inspirations Etsy Store little girl jewelry. My brain only has so much capacity to come up with new ideas for food and my jewelry line lol 

I can’t believe I’ve been working on my Etsy Store for a year now. It has NOT been easy!! Etsy is constantly changing their management of the site which really effects my store. So I’m constantly trying to learn how their system works. 

On top of educating myself I’ve been dealing with health issues. As some of my readers have seen I’ve been dealing with endometriosis and I had surgery this past October which showed I was in bad shape!!!!! So I had to have major surgery. It’s taken some time to recover from my surgery. Plus as a new mom your have your mom responsibilities and time just seem to FLY by so fast I can’t get over its April 2015! 

I have been working on new recipes testing and testing!!! I plan on posting my Buttermilk Recipe soon. I’ve been working on it for a few months now. I also have a couple more budget meal post I need to get writing!! Blogging is not a fast process and I have no source of income from blogging so it does get pushed to the side. 

So as I stated at the start I have been working on new jewelry designs for My Cupcake Inspirations Etsy Store. I just LOVE our little girl rings!! They have been popular for many flower girl gifts. I can’t tell you how much all girls just love these rings!! I LoVe them too and want to wear them lol 

Here are a couple of my rings I just finished designing 

Something Blue Flower Girl Gift Ring I loved this idea, what a nice way to sneak in a little blue! This ring can be made to fit babies to adults!

Pink and Gold Pearl Ring this ring is a great party favor gift for your little cupcakes princess party or if you are having a pink and gold wedding your flower girl will just love his accessory! 
Cinderella Party Favor Rings having a Blue and Gold Cinderella party? These little girl rings make a great party favor gift! 

White Pearl Flower Girl Ring this crystal and pearl ring will match any flower girl dress! Makes a perfect addition to her jewelry collection. 




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