Money Saving Tip: Make your own Garlic Texas Toast

Texas toast is addicting!! The crunchy, buttery texture will have you eating the entire loaf of bread all by yourself, not that I’ve ever done that (mumble mumble). No need to buy Texas Toast from your freezer section which is … Continue reading

Quick Baking Tip: How to get eggs to room temperature in five minutes?

You always see in recipes “room temperature eggs” and realize you have no time to let the eggs hang out because lets face it if you are like me it’s usually a last minute meal. You’ve probably questioned if you … Continue reading

Quick Idea: Blueberry Scones

It’s blueberry season!! If you can find a “u-pick” farm near where you live I highly recommend it. I used this link to find some u-pick farms near me Pick Your Own I was at Trader Joes Monday night after … Continue reading