Red Split Lentil & Sweet Potato Soup: Made with leftover Ham

I had a big ham bone leftover from last week. After eating off the baked ham for a few days making every leftover idea I could we were done with eating ham. I decided to make a stock with the … Continue reading

Easy homemade Chicken Soup using leftover pasta noodles

It’s a cold and stormy day which means soup. Plus Mr.Tasteful stayed home with a sore throat which was a huge motivation for me to make some chicken noodle soup. It’s fairly simple and takes between 30-45 min from prep … Continue reading

Money Saving Tip: Make your own Garlic Texas Toast

Texas toast is addicting!! The crunchy, buttery texture will have you eating the entire loaf of bread all by yourself, not that I’ve ever done that (mumble mumble). No need to buy Texas Toast from your freezer section which is … Continue reading

Using Leftover Meat Sauce for a Hearty Meat Minestrone Soup

Using Leftover Meat Sauce for a Hearty Meat Minestrone Soup

This recipe uses my Meat Sauce of Ground Beef & Sausage to make this Leftover Hearty Meat Minestrone Soup.This soup is basically inspired by Minestrone Soup, but not a true Minestrone Soup. Now you don’t need to use my leftover … Continue reading