Banana Peanut Butter & Honey Muffins

Banana Peanut Butter & Honey Muffins

I love this muffin but most importantly so did my Little Cupcake and some of my friends who tried my muffins the next day. This muffin has the right amount of all the flavors, banana, peanut butter & honey. This … Continue reading

Quick Side Dish: Creamy Mashed Potatoes

You may ask what defines “Creamy” mashed potatoes? Each person will have their own preference. However my tip for creamy mashed potatoes is not tons of butter & cream. It comes down to how you cook/boil your potatoes. I’ve picked … Continue reading

Perfect Roasted Chicken with Crispy Skin

There is something about a perfectly executed whole roasted chicken that gets the taste buds drooling. One of My Mr.Tasteful favorite foods is Roasted or Baked Chicken. My mother in-law made the most delicious baked chicken, its been hard to … Continue reading

Easy 50/50 Whole Wheat Bread (by hand or stand mixer)

Not all flour is created equal…honestly I’m still confused after all the research I’ve been doing on wheat bread/flour. One fact: All flour is made from wheat, yes even white flour. What is the difference? There are a couple differences, … Continue reading