Quick Idea: 4 Footlong Italian Parmesan Meatball Subs for $5.00

If you are looking for a inexpensive idea for dinner you can make 4 subs for $5.00 instead of paying $5 per Footlong which would equal $20 for 4 subs. That’s appealing to me! Granted this will require skills to … Continue reading

Money Saving Tip: Make your own Garlic Texas Toast

Texas toast is addicting!! The crunchy, buttery texture will have you eating the entire loaf of bread all by yourself, not that I’ve ever done that (mumble mumble). No need to buy Texas Toast from your freezer section which is … Continue reading

Quick Baking Tip: How to get eggs to room temperature in five minutes?

You always see in recipes “room temperature eggs” and realize you have no time to let the eggs hang out because lets face it if you are like me it’s usually a last minute meal. You’ve probably questioned if you … Continue reading

Easy 50/50 Whole Wheat Bread (by hand or stand mixer)

Not all flour is created equal…honestly I’m still confused after all the research I’ve been doing on wheat bread/flour. One fact: All flour is made from wheat, yes even white flour. What is the difference? There are a couple differences, … Continue reading

French Bread Tutorial – By Hand – Picture & Video instructions

I have made several loafs and I have experienced many of the ups and downs. Its taken me some time to find the right measurements that work for me.I am providing picture and video instructions. Its not easy to explain … Continue reading