The incredible egg, feed a family cheap. Fluffy Scrambled Eggs!


Okay so I just finished posting how haven’t been cooking much and decided me and my cupcake needed to eat. My little cupcake has not been eating much, I think it’s because it’s so hot and with no AC no real desire to eat.

My little cupcake loves eggs! Mainly two ways only softly scrambled or with a runny yolk. I can’t complain, it’s a great food to enjoy.

Price wise for a dozen eggs? It all depends on your location. I buy at local market and the eggs sell under $2.00 a dozen. I’m all for cage free & organic and use this principle for my poultry as often as I can. I think they taste better and are better for you. However, don’t think you shouldn’t eat eggs if they aren’t! It’s better to eat eggs then open a box of sugar cereal and cost a little less to feed your entire family from scratch.

Some simple math, $2.00 for 12 eggs average cost is $.17 each. If u had two eggs per person you can feed 6 people. Throw in some cheese & russet potatoes at less then $2.00 for a 5lb bag, you have a healthy meal from scratch that you could eat any time of the day….which reminds me I need a bag of potatoes.

This simple method for eggs is not impossible or hard to do, if it is, just keep moving forward and try again (as Walt would say). Most important thing to keep in mind, the temperature. Cook all your food like potatoes and bacon first. Right before serving your meal cook the eggs last.

Heat a non-stick skillet on a medium temperature (electric stove #5) for about 1 to 2 minutes, keep it dry, don’t add butter or oil to pan.


My directions are for two eggs:

2 large eggs
1/2 tsp of cold water
Dab of butter

You can use olive oil for your eggs instead of butter, but I use butter because well it taste better to me.

Crack your eggs and place in a bowl and add water.



Next take a fork and whisk well, about 32 strokes (yes that’s right I learned that from Americas Test Kitchen French omelette)



Once eggs are whisked add the dab of butter to pan and let melt. Make sure your have a wooden spoon ready! Pour eggs into pan and stir immediately!! In about 30-45 seconds the eggs should have started clumping together. After about 45 seconds remove pan from stove burner and let eggs finish cooking. Stirring around to distribute heat.




After about 1 min of stirring eggs around the eggs are finished!!


Serve hot!

This probably took you a total of 3 to 5 min including prep time. That’s not bad!

The eggs are so tender and fluffy you’ll make the dozen all for yourself!

Notes: You could replace water with milk, I do find the water gives a different texture personally.

Water measurement:
If using more two eggs at a time increase water measurement by 1/4 tsp once you reach 4 eggs. For 6 eggs 1 tsp and for 12 eggs 2 tsp.


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