Quick Idea: Make it Special fruit yogurt parfait

Some days you just need to make it feel special, just because!

It was a sunny Monday morning Mr.Tasteful stayed home sick 😦 when hubby is home sick I need to change up our daily routine with my cupcake. She likes to have morning cuddles when she wakes, so we cuddled on the couch instead of the big bed so daddy could sleep.

The grocery stores have started carrying strawberries & blueberries so my little cupcake has been starting her morning with fresh fruit and organic european whole milk yogurt.

I love seeing her face light up and hearing the tone of her voice with excitement. So today I wanted her to feel special. Now some of you may think “martini glass to a toddler, yeah right!!!” We’ll I don’t blame you I probably would have too. However it all depends on your toddler skill level. Believe me I would not of even considered giving her a fun glass 6 months ago. But she is now at that age where it’s appropriate for her. If you don’t trust your toddler with glass you could use a plastic fancy looking cup.

There is no recipe here. Just layer with what you have.

I used:
Soft oatmeal protein bar for kids

When the fruit seems tart I will use sugar or honey to sweeten fruit. I wash then dice strawberries then mix in sugar or honey, let it sit for a few minutes.

If I don’t have yogurt I just serve fruit.








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