How to make ahead and freeze turkey burgers / patties

Its HOT outside and when you don’t have AC we use the BBQ a lot more often. I have a tendency to buy pounds of ground beef, chicken or turkey when i can, especially if its on sale. Then i … Continue reading

Easy No-Boil Skinny Chicken Parmesan “Dutch Oven” Casserole

It’s a mouth full of a tiltle, but that’s because there is so much going on that you must know!! I’ve been making my version of “skinny” chicken parmesan for awhile. Basically it’s a skillet seared chicken with no breading … Continue reading

Easy homemade Chicken Soup using leftover pasta noodles

It’s a cold and stormy day which means soup. Plus Mr.Tasteful stayed home with a sore throat which was a huge motivation for me to make some chicken noodle soup. It’s fairly simple and takes between 30-45 min from prep … Continue reading

Perfect Roasted Chicken with Crispy Skin

There is something about a perfectly executed whole roasted chicken that gets the taste buds drooling. One of My Mr.Tasteful favorite foods is Roasted or Baked Chicken. My mother in-law made the most delicious baked chicken, its been hard to … Continue reading

Chicken Pot Pie tutorial – Pie Crust from Scratch

Chicken Pot Pie tutorial – Pie Crust from Scratch

I love chicken pot pie. As long as I can recall my mama bear would take out one of those frozen mini pot pie’s and I recall getting to excited about eating my favorite part, the crust & gravy. I … Continue reading