New Mom Recipes for Sale – Please Help Fund Me

I really appreciate all my loyal followers and fans of my food blog. I can’t belive it’s been three years since I started this journey. It’s been a long and slow learning process for me, one I am still learning. I have recived a lot of traffic the past fews months with a few of my recipes found on Pinterest. I love coming up with new recipes and testing other recipes out.

I am not what you would call a “popular” food blogger, I don’t have amazing photography or really cool photo props. What you see is “me”, it’s all real! I am a stay at home mom who is busy with many things and I don’t have a lot of time or money to invest when it comes to making my blog look fancy. I would love to provide that to my audience, I hope I can one day, but for now this is “raw” ME 🙂

In order to fund my blog I have been trying to find ways that would provide some income which would allow me to continue testing and creating my recipes. Therefor I have decided to make a select few recipes available for sale through my Etsy shop until I can find another avenue to generate income. Right now my blog is AD free with the exception of WordPress Ads I have no control over.

You may notice I will be posting some “password protected” recipes on my blog. These recipes are available for purchase for $.99 each on my  Etsy Shop My Cupcake Inspiration, purchase includes a password code to access blog post picture tutorial and a PDF file for print to add to your persoanl file.


Thank you for all your support!!!



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