Soft Chewy Homemade Flour Tortillas using Organic Vegetable Shortening


New Mom Starting From Scratch

tortillas cutting board with logo

There’s nothing like homemade tortillas. They are actually really easy! After you make your own you won’t want to buy them again…or you will at least debating should I make my own or just buy pre-made? There are times where I seriously don’t have the extra time because I am making dinner at the last minute, so I will buy the pre-made tortillas. I always seems to regret it after though, because nothing compares to making your own.

There are different ingredients you can use to make tortillas. I’ve tried butter, grape seed oil, lard & vegetable shortening. If you want to add more nutrients you could use wheat flour and add flax seed.

For this recipe I’m using Non Hydrogenated Organic Vegetable Shortening. One day ill make my own lard or buy a non hydrogenated lard (it is the new “green” to cooking healthy) . For my family we found…

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