Review: J’s Fish and Chips, Lincoln City Oregon. Worth the drive.

My Mr.Tasteful and I have been looking for a restaurant at the coast that has delicious food. There are a few on the coast, however nothing that has gotten us excited enough to get in the car and make the 45 min drive to Lincoln City. After searching and searching for seafood restaurants on Google and yelp, I came across a place called J’s Fish and Chips.

There were a mix of reviews people highlighting the negative aspects of the place such as the wait or the customer service. But I couldn’t find one bad review about their food. So we decided to give it a try.

We took the 45 min drive from Salem, OR and as always enjoy the scenery along the way.


drive to or coast

It was a dreary windy and rainy day at the beach, but that didn’t stop us from getting out of the car and checking things out. Unfortunately we didn’t get to go make sandcastles but we saw lots of seagulls flying around and even a intimate wedding happening on the beach. Was it weird I got all teary eyed when i saw them kiss? I don’t even know the ppl! Awe something special about seeing two people marry, regardless if they are strangers or not. I actually felt bad for them bc it was sooooo windy and cold. But that didn’t seem to effect them!

beach Collage

After driving around checking out vacation rentals and hotels for when we can have an overnight stay at the coast we were hungry and ready to eay! Time to make our way to J’s Fish and Chips.

The place is not fancy, but most places on the coast aren’t. The 1st time we went to J’s we experienced the customer service ones had complained about on Yelp for the owner. But in all honesty his attitude to me was like a New Yorker, so I actually laughed a little inside. However his wife is VERY nice and she has the customer service to make it a little more pleasurable of an experience. But honestly, when you have good food in the end I could careless what your mood swings are. I’m reminded of the Soup Nazi that was on the Seinfeld episode. His lovely personality didn’t stop people from going there, his soup was to good not to go. That’s how i feel about J’s. He’s the owner he makes the rules, if you want to eat good food, you just deal with it.

Their fish is fresh and from local fisherman, never frozen. Plus the batter on the fish is superb, light and crispy not overpowering. One complaint I have about most fish & chips is the heavy batter and the fish tasted like it had been frozen. Or the oil is old and has been reused 1000 times already. J’s Fish and Chips does NOT use old oil. It is fresh and that how it should be! I’m going to go on a short rant about McDonald’s for one second…I really loved their french fries however the one franchise in South Salem  does not change their oil enough and it effects the fries and their nuggets. It so disgusting I refuse to eat there. In a way i guess that’s not a bad thing because it keeps me away from there. You don’t experience that with J’s!

I’m a big fan of Clam Chowder and I think chowder is one of those foods that everyone has their own preferred style or taste. J’s has won food competitions for their Clam Chowder. I do like the texture, however I’m just not a fan of the taste. I ordered it once to just try it, so should you if you go because my taste buds might be different then yours. However I just don’t like it. I also am not a fan of their clam strips, I love clam strips and I was surprised I didn’t like theirs. They weren’t bad but I wouldn’t travel 45 minutes to go eat there clam strips or clam chowder.

Now what i will and do travel 45 minutes to eat at J’s Fish and Chips is their Halibut, Fish Tacos and Lingcod. It’s so good! The prices are GREAT and you get large pieces with french fried and a drink prices range from $10-$13. The Fish Tacos are amazing to me, for $2 each you get a LARGE piece of fried cod. It’s a MUST try.

So the next time you are craving some delicious fried Fish & Chips, make the trip from Salem (or Portland) and go to Lincoln City and try J’s Fish & Chips. It worth the trip!

j's fish & chips j's fish & chips menu j's fish & chips lingcod j's fish & chips halibet j's fish & chips fish tacos

On our drive home we stopped off at out favorite Ice Cream spot on HWY 22, Aspinwall Farm Stand next to Cafe 22 West. Another must try spot!

aspinwall cafe 22 Collage



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