A New Journey, dealing with Endometriosis…Just Keep Swimming!


2014-04-04 16.53.29-1

I am going towards a new path, one of difficulty for me because its going to change a lot of how i cook and eat for myself. I’m a believer in little steps, anytime I make adjustments for me to be successful I cant just jump right into change. I need to do a lot of investigating and then find what works for me!

Two years ago I stopped nursing my Little Cupcake, she was two and even though it was NOT easy for me I was determined to nurse as long as I could. I felt very accomplished because I was able to do something that was sheer torcher for me, but I received a lot of satisfaction too. My pregnancy was NOT easy for me, it took me down a path the lead to poor eating habits because I could not keep anything down for  7 months. I survived on sweets and carbs. During my postpartum time I dealt with a lot of emotional ups and downs and honestly neglected myself more then I should of. I have paid for that sacrifice with my health. I am not blaming this on my pregnancy because there is a lot to the story that I wont bother you with…..the past 7 years have not been easy and even though they have been hard I actually think I have come through it a lot better then I could have ever imagined.

Going back to two years ago, I experienced some horrific female pains. I went to my general healthcare provider, however I had waited for 5 days dealing with pain so by the time I went to the Dr. the pain was done. He offered some suggestions such as an ultrasound however I decided to wait because well I had survived and then started to feel it was all in my head. Two years have gone by and I was tired of dealing the constant pain off and on, but it started effecting my quality of life, feeling wore down and just tired becasue of the pain. I went back to my Dr and got the ultrasound….it came up with nothing of major concern. I was able to then be referred to a specialist. Dr.Goldsworthy at Salem Clinic for Woman who specializes in providing care for women, and strives to create a treatment plan that fits the individual. She was so patient and helpful, aloud me to share. It was nice to hear it WASN’T all in my head and what I was dealing with was common issue for woman, endometriosis. I expressed I would like to attempt a more natural approach for a while to see if I notice any improvement to my symptoms. Now I will start off and say I have not had the Laparoscopy, I really don’t want to have the procedure at this time. So I have chosen a path of focusing on lifestyle changes (I don’t use the word DIET). In the little research I have done these changes include: No red meat, no soy, no wheat, no dairy, no sugar & no caffeine…..Yeah well if anyone knows me these are the things  i do eat!!  Now thankfully I am selective in my quality of ingredients and when possible I try for hormone free items along with organic. But living with a tight budget its not cheap to buy those items. I do try to make much of my deserts myself to lesson the preservatives and quality of ingredients. Therefore I will be trying subtle changes to ease into this lifestyle change.

My little Cupcake will be 4 years old in a couple months. I have JUST started to feel “normal” in comparison to the the last 3 years. Ive gradually got aspects of my self back but I have a longer way to go. I have just turned 35 and even though that is fairly young, i’m starting to see major changes and I must get back on a path of healthier living like I had 15 years ago. But with changes I have experienced in my life, moving a few times, marriage and a child its been hard to keep a routine that is good for me. Trying to find the balance between taking care of myself and the needs of my family has not been easy….even though I will have support of my family the changes I make for myself are not ones that will be made fully by my family. Therefor that can make it harder to do the necessary changes for myself but m health needs me to.

Going forward with this blog i will still add my recipes but you will notice I’m going to be adding other recipes that aid me in healing my health. This is going to be a slow journey and I am not sure how much I will be able to share but I will try!


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