Recipe Tested: Turkey Sweet Potato Chili


Occasionally I test out a recipe from other resources such as a Food Blogger or another printed recipe.

I heard a friend of mine had injured her ankle this past weekend and I wanted to share my support for her. I decided I would cook her a meal, but what!?! I decided to stalk her Pinterest account and search for a recipe. I came across a recipe No Bean Turkey Sweet Potato Chili Ill be honest was worried about trying this recipe out because of my Mr.Tasteful. The idea of ground turkey and sweet potato may not appeal to him. But I decided to take a chance, I’m glad I did! My Mr.Tasteful really enjoyed this Chili, something we will make again.

This post is not a tutorial, just a review on a recipe we tried. For complete recipe directions click here

I decided to double this recipe in order to have enough to feed my family and two more people. I’m glad I did! Because even by doubling this recipe I only got 5 bowl servings, of course each bowl had more then one cup but if you want to feed a family double the orig. recipe.

Not sure if you have had Rotel, if not let me “Warn” you this soup had a Kick! It’s got a nice spice to it and may be spicy for your little ones. I would recommend using Rotel Mild, however I can’t imagine what it would taste like with the mild version because the appeal to this Chili was the spice.

Ground Turkey. I’m not a fan of buying the pre-ground Turkey or Chicken I find the taste unappealing. Therefore I like to buy my Turkey fresh whole breast and dice it up myself. I’ve also used my food processor to pulse a finer ground for Chicken Meatballs.

I decided to use low sodium chicken stock in place of water the recipe called for. I also used Smoked Paprika instead of plain, this adds a slight smokiness. I replaced the bay leaf with dried thyme.

I adjusted the cooking steps when it came to cooking with seasonings. I prefer to sauté the Cumin, Chili Powder, Dried Thyme with the onions and olive oil. Doing this livens the seasoning.

Once you are ready to serve I highly recommend adding the cilantro, rip/chop it up and pile it on. We also added the sour cream to top it off, My Mr.Tasteful also added shredded cheese for his 2nd bowl, he was proud of his addition.


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