Quick Tip: Cheap paper towels, what are they good for? Streak free Mirrors


For the past year I’ve been complaining about my bathroom mirrors not being streak clean. I kept buying different brands of window cleaner, even blaming Johnson & Johnson Windex for the problem. Why have I been having issues cleaning my mirrors!?!

I was raised with knowing how to clean properly, my entire family has been in the janitorial industry. One tip my Aunt Lala gave me was to use coffee filters for streak free mirrors. I used this trick many times. I was even told to use newspaper, another trick I agree works!

I had been buying a brand of cheap paper towels called “Sparkles”. Once I found a store brand of paper towels I liked that were just as cheap but a softer quality of paper towels I switched. This month I was cutting pennies plus feeling lazy to go to my store I like for paper towels. I picked up Sparkles PT again. I now recall why I don’t like them.

As I was feeling the texture it made me think if the texture of a coffee filter or a news paper. So I thought to myself “is this the problem with my mirrors!?! Soft paper towels?” I had to go clean my bathroom mirrors. Guess what, it worked!!!! So now I’m not so disappointed in picking up the cheap PT. I now know the hard newspaper texture is going to give me streak free mirrors!

Now I’m no expert, just a mom trying to figure out the solutions to my household issues. If you have had issues with your mirrors being streak free, test this out for yourself and see if it works for you.


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