Quick Idea: How to reuse fried cooking oil

Have you ever wondered if you could reuse cooking oil? I’ve heard you could but didn’t know how. I was watching The Chew one day and Michael suggested a coffee filter. So I tried that idea, granted it worked. However it wasn’t fast and took forever. So needless to say the idea of saving my oil was dying off.

I treated myself to a deep fryer to keep up with all the chicken wings this football season. It was a great purchase, expect to see some other ideas using my deep fryer. After my deep fryer cooled completely I had to clean it. So I decided to give the oil another chance.

I decided to use a paper towel instead of a coffee filter. It worked great! I used 2ply paper towel. Large mesh strainer. Large enough bowl for strainer to sit ontop of.

Place strainer over bowl then line inside of strainer with paper towel. Pour oil through paper towel and let drip into bowl. Keep adding oil little bit at a time. Once all oil has been put through strainer store in a dark and cool area of kitchen. You can get at least 3 fries using the same oil.





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