Quick Tip: Fast way to soak Dried Beans


I was so excited when I found a Colombian Bean recipe yesterday while I was searching google. Two years ago I was on a mission to find a way to replicate my most fav beans from a tasty Colombian restruant in Long Island NY. Being away from NY I really miss the food and crave the Colombian Beans & Rice. Two years ago I could not find a complete recipe. So I tried to search again and found a new blogger and I literally was at the edge of my seat in excitement when I was watching her video. I knew this was a must try!! Please check out Sweet Y Salado for her recipe. These beans where wonderful!!! Ill admit it wasn’t exactly like the beans I love from the restruant, but it was 90% close! Of course it could of been me.

So in my excitement I did not want to wait for the dried beans to soak for 8-12 hours. I took a chance and did a quick soak.

It’s super easy! I suggest starting in the morning. I started about 10am, because I had to go to the store at 9am to get all the ingredients.

Start off with 1lb of dried beans in a large pot of cold water about 3 inches high over beans. Bring to boil and boil for 3 minutes. Then turn stove top off and cover pot with lid. Let beans soak for 1 hour or more. I let my beans soak for 3 hours. Once time is up rinse the beans with cold water until water runs clear, this took about 4 rinses. Then the beans are ready for cooking!

The recipe I used called for 1.5-2hrs, I needed two hours. The time could of been because I had my pot on low, once I turned temperature up to a 3 it helped go faster.






Here is my Colombian beans I made, so good!!




2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Fast way to soak Dried Beans

  1. Yay!!!! I’m so glad you liked the beans! And thank you so much for the tip on how to soak them faster, it will help me out A LOT. Thank you so much for posting this and keep up the great work, this blog you have is amazing! ~ Diana

    • It’s such a time saving tip ESP when u want to make beans that day and u didn’t let them set out for several hours. Based on my family and friends they LOVED the beans, my mom is requesting them through the winter and everyone loved the Green Sauce too!!

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