Pan Seared Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti


What’s Pan Seared Chicken Parm? The quickest way to get dinner on the table!

My first memory of Chicken Parm (Parmesan) was the second month I was living in Long Island, NY as a nanny. I went to dinner with a group of friends after a very special observance. This was the moment I noticed Mr.Tasteful and was enamored by him.

This is my “love story”. But I won’t go into great detail about it. Since I was a young one I noticed how people eat and I guess you can call it a “pet peeve”. My biggest moment about food was when I was 12 years old and my grandparents took me to the movie Hunt for Red October. My fav scene in the movie is when Sean Connery is eating his dinner. I’m not sure if you have ever seen it but just imagine the beautiful accent flowing while he sat at the head of the table and his mouth is chewing some tasty fish (maybe its steak) and his lips look like they have been based in oil. It’s one of the most memorable moments for me and I was infatuated with that scene.

That’s basically what happened when I was 19 years old, I saw this 25 year old who has a natural presence to himself eating chicken parm and sipping on a glass of red wine. I was enamored! I love watching my Mr.Tasteful eat he makes his food look good no matter what it is. I believe if I stop enjoying how he eats we have some serious martial issues, thankfully I still love to watch him eat, phew.

Living in NY we ate lots of Chicken Parm mainly out. I recall trying to make my own at home and was successful however it’s messy! Plus I typically don’t enjoy fried food, I’m sensitive to it.

When we moved to Florida I found a Restruant that offered unbreaded chicken parm. I tried it and thought it was perfect! After that experience I decided to try and create my own recipe.

It’s so quick to make and super easy depending on what shortcuts you use.

Sauce: Use whatever you prefer. You can buy 1 Jar of sphegetti sauce or make your own. During the colder months ill make a large batch of sauce divide into freezer bags then freeze for quick dinner. 1 jar of sauce can equal 4 servings for us.

Chicken Breast: Depending on the cut of chicken breast will depend on how much you need. Simple rule 1 breast per person. I bought a large 2inch thick cut breast which I then sliced in half for 2 fairly thick pieces. Sometimes they have thin cut chicken breast and I’ve even used chicken tender cuts. If you want you can pound out to thin the chicken breast, however I don’t always do that. It just depends on how much time I have or the thickness of chicken.

Chicken Breast Cooking Time: For a 1 inch thick cut of CB I cook for a total of 6 min. If it’s thin cut roughly I cook for 3 min. I always allow one side to cook the longest. For example my thick cut I cooked for 4 min then flipped and cooked for 2 min on other side.

Cheese: I use what fits my budget at the time. I typically like to go to the deli counter and request 2 slices per person/serving. However other times ill go to cheese cooler and grab a bag of pre-shredded mozzarella cheese because its on sale. I will use provolone or mozzarella cheese. In a pinch I’ve used Monetary Jack cheese, it’s a great melting cheese however u loose that extra dimension of flavor you get from the other cheese.

Feeds: 2-4. Recipe servings depend on How many you are feeding. You need one jar of sauce per 4 servings. One chicken breast per person/serving.

-Jar of Sauce
-Chicken Breast
-Sphagetti pasta noodles
-Mozzarella cheese
-Dried Italian Seasoning (or just use what you have: dried thyme, rosemary, basil and oregano)
-Smoked Paparika (optional. Don’t subsatute with regular Paparika)
– Garlic & Onion Powder
– Sea Salt & Pepper
– Olive Oil (or whatever cooking oil you have i.e vegetable, canola, grapeseed)

First bring a large pot of water up to a boil for cooking pasta. Once water is to a boil salt water well, you want the water to be like the ocean. Make sure to time the cooking time of pasta with chicken breast. Don’t start cooking breast until water has come to boil. Pasta typically takes 9-10 min depending on pkg directions. I always cook past 1 min less then the lowest time frame. Of course taste test after timer goes off to make sure the texture works for you. Note however you can keep chicken warm in the sauce if you forgot to cook pasta.

Prep chicken breast. Depending on how thick chicken is you will want to slice breast in half to make 1 inch thick. If breast is not thick no need to cut. If you choose to you can pound chicken breast with a hammer to thin it out, however not required.

Once chicken breast is to your desire season generously to your taste. I like 1/4 tsp of all seasoning per breast. I typically season one side. Then add a dash of oil over each breast and rub all over chicken breast for complete coverage.



Pre heat a large skillet (you may need more then one depending on how many chicken breast you are making) on medium temperature (5 for electric). Once skillet is warm add 2 tsp of oil to pan. Then add chicken breast to pan.

You will notice I put way to much oil in my pan. However that’s okay If you are using olive oil because I like to keep the oil to add extra flavor to sauce.


Let chicken cook on medium heat for 4 min on one side. Remember however cooking time depends on your cut of breast. The general rule I use for cooking breast is based on sight and feel. Use this principle when cooking breast: Once the chicken has turned white up to middle of chicken you can flip it. Then let chicken cook for another 2 min or until you pat the middle of chicken breast and there’s a slight bounce back. Don’t over cook in pan because chicken will continue to cook in sauce. Look at the chicken juice, if runs clear chicken is done. If you notice no bounce back most likely chicken breast is cooked well done, might be dry.



Once chicken is cooked remove from pan turn temperature to low and add jar of sauce to pan with oil and all. Whisk together if you need to to combine all the oil into sauce. You can add more seasoning to sauce, again use the 1/4 tsp rule for each spice.

Add chicken breast back into pan. Then top each breast with cheese, however much you like. Then cover skillet with a lid so cheese can melt over chicken.






Once cheese has melted (takes about 1-2 min) place cooked pasta on each plate then layer pasta with sauce. Then place chicken breast over pasta. Then sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese and serve. Depending on what’s in my fridge ill serve with a simple salad.



3 thoughts on “Pan Seared Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti

  1. I was skeptical making this but it came out great and it was easy and quick to make.My full blooded Italian husband loved it and didn’t know the difference between this and the traditional chicken parmesan.

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