Money Saving Tip: Freeze your cheese

Hers a quick idea and a money saving tip. In preparation for our camping trip I’ve been doing a lot of prep work. I’ve never frozen cheese before and decided to try it in order to store the grated cheese in our freezer. Obviously you don’t need to do this for camping. Freezing cheese is good idea any time you are trying to extend the life of cheese from going bad or you couldn’t pass that sale and needed to buy it up!

The one thing I learned from various sources when freezing cheese it’s best to grate the cheese. Apparently freezing cheese changes the texture of the cheese and causes it to crumble. Why freezing Parmesan cheese is a great idea! However how about all that cheese you bought on sale, like cheddar? That works too! However to make the cheese more successful shredding the cheese is your best bet. So that’s the chance I’ve decided to take.

I simply grated 1 cup of cheese. Lightly dusted the cheese with 1 TSP if cornstarch and tossed to coat cheese. Then I laid plastic wrap on a cookie sheet. Evenly spread cheese out on cookie sheet and placed in freezer. Let it sit in freezer for at least 1 to 2 hours. Once frozen I quickly placed into a ziplock bag (I suggest freezer bag if storing for a long period of time) and store away in freezer.






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