Quick Cooking Tip: Garlic Butter makes it better!


Ohhhh nothing better then garlic and butter! This is a quick cooking tip that will make you fall in love with almost any meal you make.

Garlic butter is wonderful over so many thing, great for dipping lobster, shrimp chicken or beef!! Of course you can’t forget the bread (try Garlic Texas Toast) and you could even use this to dress up some pasta. I always like to use this as a fast way to cook my vegetables or add to base of a soup recipe.

Story below pictures

I bought some Atlantic Snow Crab on sale this past weekend. My Mr.Tasteful has been working lots of overtime so I wanted a weekend splurge. The crab was $7.99lb and I bought 2lbs. For $16 that’s almost a cheaper meal then going to McDonald’s. So incase the idea of buying crab sounds to expensive on a budget, just think what you spend on your splurge meals out. You can take that splurge money and eat a meal you wouldn’t normally ever be able to buy out.

What you need:
1 TBSP Grapeseed Oil (see notes on oil)
1 Stick salted butter
4-6 large cloves of diced garlic

Oil Notes: I’m able to buy grapeseed oil for a inexpensive price at Trader Joes. If you find this to expensive ill understand. You could use olive oil. The oil allows the butter to stay thin longer, because once butter starts to cool it becomes hard. If you find adding oil is not in your budget you can still use this idea regardless of the oil.

Most important key to this idea, low and slow!!!! This takes 15 minutes to do. Once you notice the milk solids separating its about done.

Add diced garlic butter & oil to a pot while cold. Place stove top temperature on lowest setting and allow to melt. You don’t want to burn garlic. By a slow melt the garlic gradually releases its flavor into butter and oil.

Once done you can use it now or place in a container and keep in refrigerator for later. Of course it will spread nice and easy on some French bread too Garlic Texas Toast.







My story
This past weekend there was a sale on Atlantic Snow Crab. This is not a typical crab obviously here in the Pacific Northwest. Snow crab was a special treat we enjoyed living on the East Coast. We always dipped crab in butter!! However when we moved to Florida there was this awesome Crab Shack we would go to and you always order the garlic butter!!! My Mr.Tasteful LOVES crab! It brings back fond memories of the times when all his aunts, uncles cousins would get together at their grandparents house and enjoy the fresh catch of crabs off Long Island. As time went on Mema and Papu would buy large cases of Snow Crab. I would watch my family cracking, dipping and sucking out that tender meat. So needles to say we are far away from the family now but when we have crab it allows us to reminisce. My Mr.Tasteful was “in love” with this garlic butter, and even though the crab wasn’t the freshest the garlic butter made it better!!


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