Money Saving Tip: Make your own Garlic Texas Toast


Texas toast is addicting!! The crunchy, buttery texture will have you eating the entire loaf of bread all by yourself, not that I’ve ever done that (mumble mumble). No need to buy Texas Toast from your freezer section which is a good money saving tip.

It’s super simple to make yourself at home and only takes minutes to do. A great way to make any simple meal like spaghetti or soup feel a little extra special.

Simply all you need is bread and butter. I have been sprinkling mine with garlic salt in addition to the butter. If you want more garlic flavor have you tried my garlic butter? If not please click on the link Garlic Butter , it only takes 15 minutes. Or make it ahead and store in your refrigerator for when you need it, like I do.

What you need:

Butter (French or Italian)

Slice your bread into thick pieces. Spread butter over each slice evenly from edge to edge. If you are not using my garlic butter you can just lightly dust with garlic salt or add garlic powder and a dash of salt.

Heat a cast iron skillet or griddle pan to medium temperature. Once pan is hot place bread butter side down in pan. Take a heavy object like a pan and place ontop of bread. Let bread sizzle and check the bread around 45 seconds. Depending on how hot your pan was when you pre-heated it or what temperature you set pan at will depend on how fast the bread browns. You don’t want to burn the garlic or bread. If you find your pan to hot, turn temperature down to a medium low. Only brown one side.

Your done!









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