Quick Baking Tip: How to get eggs to room temperature in five minutes?

You always see in recipes “room temperature eggs” and realize you have no time to let the eggs hang out because lets face it if you are like me it’s usually a last minute meal. You’ve probably questioned if you actually really need a room temperature egg. If a recipe calls for it, you should do it. The egg yolk & white work much more efficiently.

Have you ever just creamed butter for some cookies then add cold eggs instead of room temp eggs? It looks a little curdled because all that work you did to cream your butter is being effected by the cold eggs. This can “ruin” the texture of your cookie. So what’s a quick way to get eggs to room temperature in just 5 minutes?

It’s simple! This is not my idea, I read about it through my research on baking tips through the past year.

Place egg(s) in a bowl and fill with lukewarm water. Do not add hot water because this will cook your egg.
Let egg sit in the lukewarm water for at least 5 minutes, if you let rest longer that won’t harm it. Just beware not let sit out to long because it could go bad eventually.



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