Quick Idea: Michael Symon’s Angel Hair pasta with Zucchini & Mint


Do you watch The Chew? I record the show and watch it once my little cupcake goes to bed, or earlier depending on my day and I’m looking for inspiration. I really enjoy their “Value Friday” episodes because they give some great budget tips.

This past Friday they had a recipe created by Michael Symon for “Angel Hair Pasta with Zucchini and Mint”
It looked so good and took him only 5 min to make!

It took me about 15 minutes to make because let’s face it I’m alone in the kitchen and don’t have a staff to help me setup, even though my Little Cupcake likes to help. The pasta cooks in 2 minutes so I would wait to cook pasta until the last moment. I literally felt like I was running around with my head cutoff because everything moved so fast!!

I’ve never personally cooked with anchovies and I admit for a moment I thought to myself I didn’t won’t to use it. This dish would still be good if you didn’t use them. I would just add some other flavoring to enhance the sauce. I think adding garlic cloves would be a good idea. My other thought about anchovies they have bones! Granted super small but I wouldn’t serve to my child whole. So you could do what I did after I realized there were bones. I let the anchovies simmer in the oil and once dissolved I put it through a small mesh strainer. I was able to add the flavor but not the bones. The other thought I had was buying anchovy paste. I’m not sure how much it is, if it’s the same price as a can (I bought mine from trader joes and was in olive oil cost $1.79) then I just buy the paste.

Talk about a budget friendly dish. If you are making this in season this dish will cost you $5.00, maybe! It will serve 4 ppl too.

So if you are needing a super fast, budget friendly & healthy dish for yourself try this one! You won’t be disappointed.

For complete recipe see recipe & video at The Chew


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