Quick Idea: Best Charcoal for a BBQ? Hardwood Lumps


We have tried many brands of charcoal over the years when it comes to our BBQ charcoal grill. We have tried off brand names and always go back to Kingsford. Which by the way is made right here in Oregon!

Because we don’t have a Gas grill it was starting to feel like we wasted so much charcoal briquettes for our quick grilling especially if we were only grilling up hot dogs. Granted finding the right portion size helps but it still felt like we could do better.

So My Mr.Tasteful did some research and learned that Lump Wood Charcoal was the best especially when it comes to grilling and searing. The temperature runs hot and it also lights up much faster then briquettes. So we have started to buy Royal Oaks.

The other benefit to Hardwood Lumps is it burns with out adding a chemical flavor to your food.

We also found that once we filled our BBQ chimney up we could recycle the chunks leftover from the last time we cooked on our grill. Once we are done grilling we place the lid back on and shut the vents to let the flames burn out faster. Then add those chunks to some fresh wood lumps.

I believe we bought our large bag for $10 at Walmart. We have had it for two months and have BBQ maybe 7 times with the bag. It’s defiantly a money saving tip for us!

Our small Weber grill my Papa Bear gave us is much more efficient using hardwood lumps.



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