Quick Idea: Hot Fudge Chocolate with Marshmallows


It’s the last day of July and we are entering August which means summer is closing on us. What!?! Snap out of it!!! It’s still summer for a couple months but August does means school is a month away for most children so that makes me feel it’s almost over.

In Oregon we have had great sunny weather ranging in the 80-90’s. Most day’s I’m not cooking and looking in my pantry trying to think what to make that doesn’t require the stove. It’s actually a cloudy day and I’m sure the clouds will burn off soon. This weather however inspires me!!

I decided I wanted a cup of Earl Grey tea. I turned on my tea kettle and was looking for my favorite tea cup. I love tea cups!! I’m picky though. It has to have the right feel for me. My cup brings me great comfort and contentment. I bought my red & white tea cup from Good Will about a year ago cost me $2.00. It was my 1st purchase I made to start my kitchen dishes from scratch.

Okay, I’m getting off track here about my tea cup. So I was looking in my pantry and I noticed I had tons of marshmallows! It’s summer so it’s expected for those evenings we roast marshmallows. I also saw a box of Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix and thought “hot chocolate sounds great”. Then I started to realize how much I’ve been disappointed in the hot chocolate mixes. I use to enjoy them and I only needed a 1/2 packet to make my hot chocolate just the way I like it. Now I’m finding I need 1 & 1/2 packets to make it and it still not tasting the same as before.

I really like to use ingredients that serve as double duty. So I decided to make my own hot chocolate. I have a jar of hot fudge chocolate to put on ice cream. Why can’t I add it to milk? So that’s what I did!

This recipe serves 2 people depending on cup size. If you want more portions just double recipe.

10 large marshmallows
2 TBSP Hot Fudge
2 cups of milk

Pour milk into a sauce pan and turn temperature to medium. Add the marshmallows and add fudge in milk while still cold. Let milk come up to temperature and once you see some steam forming turn it down to low. Whisk until marshmallows have dissolved. Serve hot!








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