Safeway “just for u” works for me!

I really enjoy Safeway! I think they have great deals and to find those deals I use their smartphone app where they allow you to add the “just for u” deals to your club card. This gives great coupons that you cant find in the stores. Like today, I bought their delicious French Bread (hot & fresh everyday at 4pm) which is $1.99 a loaf, however “just for u” coupon was for $.99 a loaf! Not only is that a great deal I also always go to them for their hot dog or hamburger buns which also were on the “just for u” coupon for $.99 a pack. My last must go to for the Safeway brand is their Chips! I like many brands, however I really enjoy the salty and crunchy texture of their chips, plus I’m always getting great “just for u” deals for $1.33 a bag. My last favorite item is the Safeway brand Paper Towels. These are great! They are thick and they always have “just for u” coupons that range from $8.99 to $9.99 for a double roll 12 pack.



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