New Mom advice: “There’s only one thing to know”


I’ve been a New Mom for three years and only know one thing!?! Yes!
The one thing I say as a new mom is “don’t judge other parents”. What worked for you may not work for your child or your family. Just because something failed for another parent doesn’t mean you are a better parent. Granted there are “bad parents” but I’m not talking about them. There are so many different personalities which responded to different ways of training. The hard part about being a parent is finding the “style” of training that works for your child’s personality. Try not to judge yourself against other parents skills, I know it’s hard not to do! Keep your focus on “loving your child” and making your home a peaceful place to be where your child will feel safe and refreshed.

You don’t need lots of money and things to have personal contentment. “There is more to life than money & the things it can buy….Even when a person has an abundance his life does not result from the things he possesses”.

So enjoy getting to know your child. Use your strength you possess to train your child. For example I enjoy cooking and that’s what I know so I interact a lot with my Little Cupcake talking about shapes, colors measurements and so on through cooking. Because I used my strength I teach in a way that brings peace because I feel at peace. I don’t need fancy toys (not against them, they can be great aids) or to know it all.

A close friend who’s raised 2 girls (22 years & 15 years old) keeps reminding me “no matter how hard your try people will always judge you, don’t worry about those people and focus on what makes your family happy”.

Life’s fairly simple, we usually make it more complicated.

So you won’t find I do a lot of post on patenting. I’m better offering tips for what worked for me….honestly there are no guarantees it will for you. I have learned from all the mommies in my life however it is nice to hear what others have experienced and usually there is no harm in trying.


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