Carmex worked for me!!


Let me start off saying two things: I’m not a doctor & I’m not paid for this review (not that I wouldn’t mind a free year supply) This is just a personal experience with a product I love!! I don’t use that word very often so when I do, I mean it!!

Carmex worked for me!

I was born with super sensitive skin and growing up in the Northwest I suffered with eczema. As a teenager it exploded all over my legs and arms! By the time I was 18 it effected my face and you can imagine how that effects a young lady confidence!

When I moved to Long Island my skin did much better, no idea why. Then I moved to Florida and after being almost clear of major outbreaks for several years in NY my neck broke out!!! I went to the Doctors and got the dreaded steroid cream which required me to limit sun exposure…which is kind of hard in the sunny state! Once I had my little cupcake “hello eczema!” After moving back to the Northwest  in my 30’s it was all over my face and legs….it hurt so bad!!

I went back to the Doctors because it was getting infected from all my scratching. I was prescribed steroid creams once again but the cost was sooo much money to fill and well we didn’t have the money. So I used the free samples for as long as I could. It healed the infection, that’s a good thing!

Fast forward a year later and besides the infection going away no improvement. Of course I can’t blame my Doctor because I couldn’t follow their orders.

One day a good friend of mine Heather and I were talking about my Little Cupcakes cold she was having and how raw her nose was. Heather recommended Carmex! So I ran to the store to find it, I was so happy about the price! For only $.99 I could afford that (ESP because I only had a few dollars for the month). Carmex worked great and healed her nose.

One day I put it on my lips and it was so soothing I then read the label highlighting for cold sores. Hmmmm my brain started cranking the wheel and one thing led to another and I decided to put on my scabbed eczema. Oh my word within a DAY I was healing!!!

So I started applying Carmex more & more onto my face…yes my face! Well within a couple days my skin was clear. It felt like a miracle and it only cost $.99.

I even got my grandma to use it on her lip rash she had after my grandpa died. She had been applying another bom but no success. Once she used Carmex it cleared it up!

So I’m a huge fan!!!


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