Quick Idea: Taco night & Taco Omelet

So Friday night I had an overwhelming craving for Tacos. I texted Mr.Tasteful I wanted to tacos, so he stopped at the store and picked up the supplies.

The great thing about tacos is its a simple and quick dinner. There is really no recipe needed just a couple of items you enjoy.

My taco must have ingredients:
Sour Cream

Those r the basics that I always have in my pantry. Beyond that depends on my budget and what prices are for the week on beef or another meat. I enjoy using left over chicken for tacos in place of beef. Some days I want to add rice or beans into the taco or keep on the side. However there have been those days where just beans is all that goes into my taco.

Typically in our house we do soft tortillas I will buy pre-made or make my own tortillas. I also like corn tortillas that can be fried up in some butter or oil if you want a crispy taco.

This past Friday I didn’t want to do much work because I had been making some homemade bagels. So my Mr.Tasteful bought the soft & hard tortillas.

I simply sauted up ground beef with my favorite spices like cumin, chilli powder, onion & garlic power, salt & pepper and a little clove. I like to place my pan on high and place the ground beef in the hot pan to get a nice sear then I turn to medium add the seasonings and mix around until all beef is cooked, takes maybe 5 min. So I suggest doing all the other prep work first then cooking beef. I’ve made mistake of cooking beef first the. Prepping my other ingredients, while my beef is drying out on oven because its on low trying to stay warm.

When on sale I like to buy avocados and have with my tacos.

Tonight tacos included:
Ground Beef:seasoned w/ cumin, chili powder, ground cloves, salt, pepper, onion & garlic powder.
Shredder cheddar cheese
Diced tomato
Cubed avocado
Sour cream
Hot Salsa
Can of refried beans
Diced Green onions


On Sunday I had plenty of leftovers and decided to make a Taco Omelet. I took 4 large eggs whipped together with a little water. Place some butter in a pan on medium heat then added some ground beef, then poured eggs over beef. I let that cook on a medium low, I’ll place a lid over pan to help eggs set properly and then seasoned with salt & pepper. Once the eggs seemed set I added my grated cheese all over then on one side of omelet I layered with tomatoes & avocados then place lid on pan to heat up a little. Once it appeared cheese had melted I folded omelette over to the other side. I placed on a plate, topped with lettuce, sour cream and salsa. It was a good breakfast!



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