Alfredo Sauce with Yogurt


When I’m in need of some serious comfort food I turn to cream or pasta. I love cream sauces and creamed soups. However My Mr.Tasteful cant handle dairy very well so I have always looked for alternatives to lessen dairy. I use to splurge on my favorite cream based recipes when we go out to eat. But that could not happen tonight! So I took out the emergency jar of tomato sauce and heated it up in the pan for Mr.Tasteful & My Little Cupcake, while I got to work on my Alfredo Sauce.

I enjoy this version of Alfredo Sauce because it uses european plain organic yogurt. Sour cream would of been my substitute however that heavy feeling can weigh down the old tummy. I highly recommend the whole milk yogurt or try Greek yogurt, it’s a great choice too. You won’t feel sick and maybe willing to have a bowl of ice cream later.

I use a can parmesan cheese from trader joes, it taste real and it doesn’t have that ingredient I try to avoid “partially hydrated oil”. You can always use fresh grated parmesan of course!! Just use what you have & what you enjoy.

Cesar dressing: this just adds that little extra zip! You can leave it out if you wish. I would just add more cheese.

There is no real recipe, I can only give the measurements I used which equaled two servings, and yes I ate both servings.

I like to use gluten free corn pasta, Trader Joes has a great price for under $2.00 bag. But use whatever your favorite pasta is with this sauce, linguine not required.

1/8 cup of diced onion
4 garlic cloves diced
1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup of plain whole milk yogurt (I use european organic yogurt from trader joes)
1 & 1/2 tSp Caesar dressing (I use Wish Bone)
2 tSp dry vermouth or white wine
1 tSp of butter
1/2 tSp olive oil
Dash of dried thyme (or fresh)
Salt & pepper to taste

Cook pasta according to packaged directions. My tip however is cook according to pkg but by less then 1 min, then test texture of pasta.

Start with melting butter & olive oil in a sauté pan then add diced onions & thyme and sauté on a medium heat until onions are semi-translucent or for about 3 min. Then add diced garlic and season with salt & pepper and sauté for another 2 min.


Then add vermouth and let simmer until liquid is reduced back to just onions & garlic.



In a separate bowl add half of yogurt & half of onion garlic mixture and whisk, then add the remainder of yogurt and whisk again, then whisk in the rest of the garlic & onions. (This helps the yogurt not separate from the different temperatures) place back into pan add Parmesan cheese & salad dressing and whisk together until heated thoroughly. Season with a little more salt & pepper, to your likening.







Toss cooked pasta with sauce then serve and I hope you enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Alfredo Sauce with Yogurt

  1. Thanks for this recipe! I just tried it for my family last night. My son is doing GAPS so he can’t have cream or Caesar dressing, but can have Parmesan and yogurt. I also substituted chicken stock for the wine and added about a pound of chicken.. I’m sure it wasn’t as good as yours, but it was still a hit!

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