Green Bean & Stove Top Casserole Side Dish

Want to try something different? How about this Green Bean casserole!


I had some Stove Top stuffing I stocked up on in November because it was on sale. I had purchased two boxes for a family dinner but my Aunt Lala had already purchased her own. So here it is January and the boxes were still in my pantry. I was making roasted chicken so I decided to make use of the stove top.

Now you don’t need to use stove top you can make your own stuffing or skip the stuffing and just use the other tips for a alternative Green Bean casserole.

I love onions and because I don’t have those fried onions I wanted to create an alternative. So I decided to carmalize my own onions. Very easy takes about 20-30 min. Slice up 2 large onions. I slice onion in half from tip to tip, then slice onions into strips, following the line of the onion as a guide for thickness for slices. On a medium heat add 1tBp of butter & 1/2 tSp of oil to pan, I use canola because oil has a higher temperature so it won’t burn as quickly. Salt well I use about 1 tSp of salt. Then toss and let onions cook for about 5 min at a time then toss/stir around. Don’t burn onions, so if temperature is to hot turn down a little.





I used half of a 16oz bag of frozen green beans. Because I buy frozen green beans, i wanted to make sure my casserole did not get soggy so I placed the beans in cold water and let the beans defrost. This takes about 20 min. You could go faster if water was a little warm because cold water and frozen beans make water colder. You will need to drain and fill with new water. Then drain the beans. This is a great idea in general, maybe if you are just sautéing green beans instead of boiling them.



I like crispy dressing/stuffing. So I prefer to bake my stuffing until nice and crispy!! I like to use my cast iron skillet to archive a great brown color. Place your dish or oven safe skillet on the bottom rack of oven. Ill bake my chicken on rack above to do double duty.

I like to slice my 2 carrots carrots, & 1 celery in small bite size pieces appropriate enough for a toddler to eat.



Okay if you have been reading this blog I hope you are saving your chicken liquid!! This is what I use in place of chicken stock & for oil to sauté my vegetables.

I add a glob of chicken grease, about 1 tSp. If you don’t have any, just use butter & oil or just use oil. Add diced carrots & celery and season with salt & pepper.,Once carrots & celery are softer about 10 min on a medium low heat. I add a little more chicken grease & add the green beans. Then I remove from my pan and set aside in a bowl.




Next ill reuse my same pot and add my chicken base liquid and melt then add water according to pkg of stove top. If you don’t have chicken base just use stock or water. I used two boxes of ST. Once water is boiled add pkg of bread crumbs & seasoning.





Once water is absorbed I layer half of the stove top into a cast iron skillet or any oven safe dish will work fine. Spread out evenly. Then I add the carrots, celery & green beans. Then the caramelized onions.




Next make a gravy. I prefer to make mine from scratch. Again I use my chicken grease & chicken base. You can use chicken stock. Or if you rather use one of those pkg gravies please feel free. My base I used about 2 tBs of and mixed with 1 & 1/2 cups of water to create my broth.

In a small pot melt 1 tBs of butter and then add 1 tBs plus 1/2 tSp of flour to melted butter. Now this next step is very important when it comes to the color of your gravy. The longer you cook your flour the darker your gravy will be. I had a lot going on. My little cupcake had some needs to attend to and nap time was a challenge. So my flour did not get as dark as I would like. I prefer a nutty brown butter flavor to my gravy. This time around mine was a pale gravy.

So once your flour & butter get a nice golden brown you will add liquid, about 1 & 1/2 cups of stock, then at the same time whisk together. Very important to whisk and pour at the same time to avoid clumps.




Then let the gravy cook for a few min and continue to whisk. If your gravy is to thick add more liquid. Once done add gravy over the onions.



Next I crumble stove top stuffing ontop. I like to keep some gaps and don’t compound tightly.


Then I place in my oven. My oven is pre-heated to 450 for my roasted chicken. I bake for 25 min then turn heat down to 325. I bake for an additional 20-30 min, or until the stuffing is crispy ontop.



You can make this ahead of time and let it sit out on counter until ready to bake. Mine sat on counter for a good hour. If you want to even make it a day ahead you can. I would suggest using a baking dish not a cast iron pan. This way you can place in the fridge until you are ready to bake.

General Ingredients

2 Carrots

1 Celery

8 oz (or half bag of 16oz) bag of frozen green beans

2 Boxes of Stove Top Stuffing

1 tBp of Flour

butter ( I use chicken grease and butter & oil)

salt & pepper

2 onions.

1 & 1/2 cup of broth for gravy

2 cups of water or broth (follow Stove top pkg for proper measurements)


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