Money savings tip: Make your own olive oil?

What?? That’s what I said when I saw a video post from Americas Test Kitchen. It’s very complicated….okay, no it’s not!! If it was I probably wouldn’t do it. Click on this link for ATK video Americas Test Kitchen

Simply just combine  3 parts canola oil & 1 part extra virgin olive oil together and you have your own olive oil. You have both the taste of extra virgin olive oil with the high heat ability of canola oil. Now you don’t need to buy 3 separate oils, just buy two and recycle a unused extra virgin olive oil bottle. I call that a money savings tip!

I did not have a funnel, so I made my own. On Pinterest I saw a great idea to use a plastic bottle! So I cut the plastic water bottle in half, and used the top portion as my funnel.

I had about 2/3 cups of Extra Virgin Olive Oil left in my glass bottle. So I measured out 1 & 1/4 cup of canola oil and combined to the EVOO bottle. Not hard! Now I have “olive oil”!

Make your own funnel, use a plastic bottle

Cut plastic bottle in half

you have a funnel!

Cross out the “extra virgin” on your bottle

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