Somthing Old into Something New Tutu Boutique

Its summer!!!! So turning on an oven in a non AC home is not appealing on most days. Our meals  are mostly buying rotisserie chicken from Costco and lettuce to make yummy salads, or soft tacos. Of course BBQ is also on the list for Mr.Tasteful.

Right now I am focusing on another aspect of my creativity. Making Tutu’s. I was inspired by an adorable Breakfast at Tiffanys inspired Tutu, I saw on Etsy. I had seen tutu tutorials however just did not take the time to try it out. Last month in June I decided to try it after being inspired. I made a cute tutu for My Cupcake and she was to cute! Then I wanted to make more, I have adorable little niece who is 5 years old “Miss Tinkerbell”, who will be going to Disneyland next year. So I was inspired to make her an adorable little costume to take with her on her trip so she could feel like a little princess that she is.

After the three tutu’s I wanted to do more! So I decided to re-purpose some dresses into tutu’s. I will now be selling them. I will be posting my creations on my blog and will have more “buying” information on my (ie. return policy, add.policy info)  page for Something Old Into Something New Tutu Boutique  please  follow me on this new experiment.

My niece “Miss Tinkerbell” will be going to Disneyland next year, what a fun way to add to the trip then a special tutu. When you go to any Disney Park so many people like to dress up with a T-shirt or an entire costume. Last time I was at Disney world there were tons of children with various costumes on. So in case Miss Tinkerbell didn’t want to feel left out I wanted to make her a couple choices. My cupcake agreed to try a couple on….of course she needed her tea 1st!

I also wanted something special for My Cupcake to wear, so this is a cute pink Rosette Tutu Dress. The tutu has four different colors of a shimmer and matte tulle, light pink shimmer, white matte, grey shimmer, and mint green matte best reflected in last picture.

Disney Tangled Inspired Tutu

 Disney Tangled Inspired Tutu

 Disney Tinkerbell Inspired Tutu

 Disney Tinkerbell Inspired Tutu

 Pink Rosette repurposed Tutu Dress

 Pink Rosette “repurposed” Tutu Dress

 Pink Rosette “repurposed” Tutu Dress

 Purple & Forest Green Flower “repurposed” Tutu Dress


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